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Michael Lynch and Evan Greene Announce the Launch of 3 Emerald Marketing

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Courtesy of 3 Emerald Marketing

Michael Lynch and Evan Greene 

Marketing executives Michael Lynchand Evan Greene have teamed up to launch 3 Emerald Marketing, a strategic consultancy that serves music, sports and entertainment.

Their new initiative leans heavily on storytelling to craft strategies for clients interested in leveraging the cultural conversation being driven by those key passion areas, and focuses on seeking value for brands, property rights owners, media companies and celebrities.

Lynch previously ran Nielsen Sports Global Consulting Practice after he led Visa, Inc.’s global sponsorship marketing business. He has provided marketing services for Olympic and Paralympic Games, FIFA World Cup, National Football League, NASCAR, Major League Baseball and Disney.

Greene recently served as CMO of the Recording Academy, where he launched and then led the marketing department for 16 years. Prior to the Academy, Greene spent a decade at powerhouse studios Disney and Sony, working with fortune 100 brands, overseeing global partnership strategy for franchises including Spider-Man, Stuart Little, Charlie’s Angels and more.

3 Emerald Marketing officially opened its doors in April with a number of clients including brands, professional sports teams and sports leagues. The company is based out of California with spaces in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.